I’m telling you, mustard is gender neutral.

So my partner’s only 8 weeks along and the baby is about the size of a blueberry, hence why it’s called “Bloob” when we talk this week, last week it was “Pip”, not very original I know. We haven’t told anyone yet (apart from family) as we’ve heard you’re best to wait until 12 weeks due to it then being much less likely for anything to go wrong. Obviously at this stage we also don’t know what sex it is and won’t until it’s 20 weeks. The problem with this is I’m excited and want to buy cute things that I see…and so I do šŸ™‚

I’ve been told off by my partner for apparently buying boy clothes, I don’t understand how black & gold is seen as male, the force can be strong in a girl, as Rey proves. Also mustard is completely neutral and I definitely wanted a robot when I was little and I’m a girl.

It’s this backwards thinking that meant I never got to be a dinosaur…these wounds leave scars *sniff*.


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