Sympathy Pains

Today I’ve got pain in the bottom of my back which is getting really annoying. My partner regularly has back pains which have been even worse since getting pregnant. I’m telling myself they’re sympathy pains but there’s a niggly part of my brain telling me it could well have been doing all that lifting at work on Friday. Stoopid brain, what do you even know?!

My partner’s birthday was in April and being the caring sharing ficko I am I bought her one of those chair massager things which I knew she’d like. She really did seem to be happy as she opened it and then quickly said “I’m just going to check if it’s suitable for pregnant women” and my heart sunk…and it’s not. After looking online it seems pregnant women are warned away from them but I don’t get why. Has it squashed babies in the past? I’m really feeling for her at the moment, she’s not allowed to do anything (ok I’m feeling more for me having to do things for her…or at least I will 🙂 )

Also condragulations to my friend who became a dad today! This has made me jealous and I think the next 7ish months are going to be a long wait.

I suppose I really should be a good wife and go and rub her back for her.

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