No cause for alarm, I’m just going to scare the shit out of you

When you get pregnant you phone the doctor and make an appointment for when you’re 6 weeks. You go along and the doctor gives you a pack with useful information in it, they book you in for another appointment a couple of weeks later where they’ll take blood and pee tests and book you in for your 12 week scan. While you’re waiting for this appointment you read the handy pack with useful information and it tells you that sometimes women turn up to the 12 week scan and they’ve miscarried without any signs…WHAT?

I came home today to Tappy looking all destroyed. I just thought she wasn’t feeling well but then she told me she’d been reading the pack and what it had said about the scan. I found it really strange that they’d put that in there. I know a lot of people would read it and not think a lot to it but when Tappy reads “this is a possibility” her brain turns it into “this will definitely happen to you”. Why would someone think it would be a good idea to put that in there? Anyway I’m going to hunt down whoever did and write them a stern letter while tutting and maybe even shake my fist slightly.

On a more positive note the babies gonads become either lady balls or boy balls this week, how exciting!

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