Welcome to my world.

I’ve never known anything like it. Tappy is little miss motivation usually and morning sickness has turned her into a queasy couch potato, it’s turned her into someone who’s unable to get up to make herself a drink, it’s turned her into…me *shock horror face*.

Apart from her feeling physically sick, which is horrible, it’s actually quite nice. I say that because I think she’s got an idea now of why I’m such a bum. Sorry, I’ve just realised I don’t have morning sickness and so it’s not like that at all. Bugger!

Anyway I’m looking forward to it being over so she can enjoy the experience a bit more. At the moment she’s on a diet of water that is sipped, bread, crackers and a bit more water. When we found out she was pregnant we looked at lists of food she was supposed to avoid and it seemed like she wasn’t able to have anything even though she really wanted it. Now however she’s avoiding everything because she can’t face it, poor Tappy 😦

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