It’s the size of a piece of string.

Little tortoise is the size of a grape today, which grape I’m unsure of but a grape none the less. I’m not going to lie to you, at our supermarket raspberries are quite often bigger than grapes, this fruit thing’s on the wonk.

I think I must be hormonal (no I’m not the pregnant one) because I’ve seen a couple of things today that have made me feel tearful, all kids related of course. The first was that story about that 4 year old who got in the gorilla’s pen in the zoo, from seeing the child being dragged by its arm to feeling really sorry for the gorilla getting shot. The next was a lesbian couple on the news who abused their son to the point that he died. Lastly Tappy showed me something about a couple who were trying for a baby for ages, fell pregnant and then lost it 😦

I think I might need to hide under a duvet for a few days.

I generally try to concentrate on positive things and I do pretty well at it (as I wrote that Eastenders started and I had to jump for the remote, see I am good at it) but it seems sometimes you have a negativity overload. I strongly believe that Pixar films should be given free on the NHS to help mental issues. Fine, I just made that up but it always helps me anyway .

God help us each month of my period during Tappy’s pregnancy #firstworldlesbianproblems

Time to lock myself away with some Nemo.

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