The hoarder next door…oh no wait, that’s me

My mum’s been having a go about me clearing my crap out of her house. What she doesn’t seem to realise is that while it’s at her house it doesn’t bother me and it keeps space free in my house. She really is very selfish. Anyway to shut her up after 13 years of not living at home I went round to get my stuff. I should also point out this was triggered by my sister trying to steal my CDs for the charity shop she runs. She claims she thought the CDs, that were in my old room, belonged to a friend of my brothers…who has never stayed at our house…and apparently likes KD Lang, Sinead O’Connor and Lilith fair. I can completely see why she had no idea that they were mine.

Anyway she was stealing from a family member for a good cause I suppose so whatever.

Among all my smokey crap (gave up 7 years ago,you can applaud now, thank you) were old posters, a massive vibrator that must have been found at some point by my mum and a couple of stuffed toys that I couldn’t bare to get rid of and still can’t. I realised I could use our new baby as an excuse to keep them without seeming mental. Might seem weird to people when I won’t let it touch them though I suppose. I suddenly had this really lovely awww-we’ll-have-loved-the-same-toys feeling. I was a proper tomboy too so they’re the sort of toys a boy or girl would like.

I can’t wait.

I learnt today the importance of teaching this child how to not accumulate crap, to not smoke so much in your bedroom and how to hide things you’d prefer us not to find. A wise old mum I’m sure to be!

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