Baby Brain.

11 weeks old today which means it’s only one more week until I can tell everyone! My mum says back when she was pregnant with us there wasn’t any of this 12 weeks thing and you just told people as soon as you knew but she says a lot of stuff so whatever (leave me alone, I enjoy picking on my mum).

Had chinese with Babydaddy and boyfriend last night which was lovely, food and company. Tappy is definitely losing the plot, I didn’t realise you got baby brain so early on in the pregnancy. She’s usually really good with directions, getting us places and parking but last night she lost it. She drove past the restaurant, luckily there was a roundabout just after it…she drove over that. Not to worry there’s a road you can turn round in just there…right here…oh you’ve gone past it. Anyway we got back to the carpark and now just needed to manage to walk into the restaurant…she went the wrong way. I’m not judging anyone. This is very unlike Tappy who’s favourite thing to say is “you’ve gotta watch ‘er” about me. To be fair she’s not wrong, it’s just very strange for it to be the other way round *gasp* maybe we’ve freaky fridayed it without realising!

So poor Tappy is feeling the sickest she has today and she still went and did her football coaching in the rain bless her, what an ange =)

Again I’ve stolen a picture off the internet which is too cute for words, how do people do these things?!

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