For A Bloody Chair??

It seems nowadays, what with me being such an old fart, that new parents seem to think they need every item under the sun for their new family member and without these things the child will…well I have no idea what people think will happen if they don’t have a feeding chair.

A bloody feeding chair? What are you on about, was my basic feeling when my expectant father friend told me he needed to buy a feeding chair for their new arrival. He then told me the one they were getting was £500.

I’ll pause for a second so you can take that in.

If you’re anything like me you didn’t have a clue what a feeding chair was. I’d like to point out here me and Tappy have 11 nieces and nephews between us and neither of us had heard of one. All of our nieces and nephews thankfully got fed.

My 64 year old dad of 2 friend heard this conversation and after told me he had no idea how the human race had managed to get this far without having these things in the past (there were more necessary things like weird car seats too), which made me chuckle.

Off me and Tappy went to Kiddicare the other week to have a look and get an idea of cost for sorting out our actually necessary nursery. I spotted one of these feeding chairs. I’ll have a little sit in that to prove how pointless and shit it is, bloody glorified rocking chair. So I sat. And I gently glided forward and backwards. I glided some more.

I never want to leave this chair.

They’re really comfortable and I suddenly realised I needed one in my life but I’d been so smug about it. Tappy sat in it. “Do you like it?” I asked her. “Yeah it’s ok” she replied. “Fine ok we’ll look at getting you one then but not at this price” I assured her. Did that make-her-think-it-was-her-idea thing, didn’t I. What of it?

Thanks to Gumtree we now have a feeding chair which cost us £75 and we picked it up from someone just round the corner. Bargain! I also have an urge to sit in it constantly which I’m having to fight as it’s sitting alone in the spare room. I might sneak to it in the night when no-one will know.

Moral of the story, shut your face going on about stuff until you’ve sat on it.

The End

(Also bought a sofa bed today from the British Heart Foundation for £80 which was £150 last week, SCORE!)

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