Susie Bingo.

We have our 12 week scan tomorrow. Normally this would be your first scan and I keep almost telling people it is but it’s actually our second. Tappy had some quite heavy bleeding a few weeks ago and so we had a scan then when it was just a little blob with a heartbeat almost the same size as it.

I wonder how much it has grown. I know I keep going on about fruit sizes and that sort of thing but a lot of them didn’t make sense and also the nicknames seemed rubbish after Bloob.

We’ll be able to take a scan photo home to show people 😀

A couple of people have told us they were actually told what sex it was from the 12 week scan too so that’s pretty exciting! The 12 week scan is usually just to make sure things are ok and to date the birth so I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much.

We’ve been out and about looking for baby bedding. We originally wanted a Hungry Caterpillar themed room until we saw the price of all the stuff, it’s crazy! You’re looking at at least double the price for anything with it on. Fuck that! I’m sure little bloob will love gender neutral safari friends anyway, probably it’s favourite! Who doesn’t love a bright yellow elephant? Go on, find me someone.

On a completely unrelated note I got Ireland in my work’s Euro 2016 sweepstakes and they’re currently 1-0 up against France in a knockout match! Unbelievable! That £30 is going to be mine…just as long as they can fluke it past Germany and Spain and all those other much better than Ireland countries (most of them).

Talking of work I told them the other day about Tappy. They seemed happy for us which is great. People sometimes ask about how old were you when you came out and I think which time? Every time you meet someone new you have to come out again. It’s pretty easy to tell that I’m gay from my appearance and people are mostly fine and don’t care. I honestly believe most people aren’t homophobic, even if they might say somethings which could be found offensive when they’re in their own homes or in the comfort of friends, I do however get slightly nervous about people’s opinions on gays having babies.

I have no idea how many times I’ve heard “I don’t have a problem with what people do behind closed doors but I don’t want it rubbed in my face”. Thankfully I haven’t heard this for years. Probably since I first got my hair cut like a big old lesbian…ok that’s why nobody has said that to me for years lol. I know there’s nothing wrong with what we’re doing and that’s why I’m happy to do it, I just know the world has got a little way to go before it’s completely on side. I also know that by us living the lives we want it’ll make it easier in the future for others to live the lives they want to. Still a bit scary though lol.

Years ago if someone had a homophobic or any sort of prejudice opinion I’d get on my high horse and shout my own correct (that’s how I saw it) opinion back at them as if that would solve things. The older I’ve got the more I realise that just makes people go against you even more. Especially with the angry lesbian stereotype. If I hadn’t been born gay I probably wouldn’t actually know any gay people and would probably be pretty ignorant. Ignorance isn’t always nastiness, it’s just not knowing and not questioning things correctly sometimes.

Kill them with Kindness.

Since being married (it was our 4 year anniversary the other day) it’s made me realise just how similar gay and straight people are. The amount of conversations I’ve had with married straight friends about the annoying and lovely things their partners have done and how I’ve been in exactly the same boat as them. Basically what I’m trying to say is no matter if you’re gay or straight, once you’re married you stay in and watch Netflix every night. I know there are straight people who know me but no other lesbians and it amuses them how normal our relationship is.

My point is I know we’ll do the best we can for this child and fingers crossed it’ll grow up happy and as well rounded as the other kids and then what will people be able to say? Once there is a generation of normal kids out there raised by gay couples (don’t worry, we’re not taking over) people won’t be able to argue it’s wrong because the evidence will show them otherwise.

Oh for fucks sake France have scored 2 goals and Ireland have lost!

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