Thank you young man.

Beautiful example of small town lesbian problems from a friend of ours.

Cashier: I love your hair

S: Thanks (smile)

Cashier: I’d love to have my hair like that but I’m afraid people would think I’m a lesbian

S: Yeah it happens (sucks air in through teeth)

You’ve got to laugh 🙂

I’ve got boy hair, it’s just practical and I think I’d look mental with long hair. I must get mistaken for a man at least once a month. It isn’t something that bothers me, if it did I’d grow it. The only thing that bothers me is when I’m due to get it cut I’m often compared to old Justin Bieber or early one direction. This bothers me.

Last year I did get bored of having the same haircut and did grow it a bit but kept it short underneath. It didn’t really suit me but it was nice for a change. I didn’t get called “sir” or “young man” once. Then once I got it cut back to my usual style, it was 2 days at most until it happened again. I wouldn’t mind but I’ve got a massive arse, men just don’t have massive arses.

It’s mostly men who think I’m male but there was once a woman who mistook my sex. She apologised and said “sorry, it’s just you have a man’s haircut”.

She had the exact same haircut as me.

The exact same!

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