Tu ck-ck er

Today we saw our little ange kicking about like a little froglet!

It was amazing. I was so scared waiting to go in, just hoping everything was ok and thankfully it was. I know it might sound stupid but I couldn’t believe how much it was moving about. You only ever seem to see things where they wiggle a little bit but he was proper going for it like he wanted to get out. What’s that? She said “he”, I hear you cry. Well you can’t tell for sure at 13 weeks but we asked the midwife if she could tell. She seemed to enjoy the challenge but he wasn’t lying in the right way. She gave him a good poke, rubbed Tappy’s belly around, got Tappy to lift her bum and wiggle it, got her to cough but the little bugger was having none of it. Anyway she has a 100% success rate at telling the sex this early but because of the angle she said she wouldn’t commit but said she was 60% sure it was a boy. She pointed out a shape that apparently looked like a scrotum forming. I thought don’t be silly, babies don’t have scrotums, they have lickle willy sacks, silly midwife.

I’ve got to point out the midwife was really good and made us feel really comfortable. Tappy asked her if she sees many same sex couples and she said it’s actually quite common now which is nice. She’s even made sure she’s booked us in to see her for the 20 week scan so she can see if she was right about the sex.

It’s finally been announced on facebook so that’s it all official now, nothing more official than facebook. Lots of congratulations and a couple of messages asking if it’s a wind up lol. My Mum’s got the scan pictures so no doubt she’ll make hundreds of copies and laminate them all in all different sizes (that’s her job).

Really looking forward to meeting him (or her if she’s wrong) and can’t wait for the 20 week scan.

This is ridiculous, England are losing 2-1 to Iceland, we are rubbish!

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