Me and Tappy got married 4 years ago (back in those days it wasn’t even recognised as a marriage *puffs pipe*). We’re not the richest people in the world and neither of us are big on attention so we kept our wedding as cheap as possible but spent about the same again on our honeymoon. We had 4 days in Vegas, 7 in Maui and then 3 days in San Francisco. Go on, feel jealous for a minute, I’ll allow it.

From leaving our house it was about 24 hours until we got to the hotel in San Francisco, we were knackered! We found the reception after wandering around a casino for a while. It now seems obvious to me that you have to first go through the casino to get to the reception but not so obvious to me then.

At reception we met a nice lady who seemed concerned for us as the room booked was a double and we are a couple of ladies. Incase you can’t sense the sarcasm there, she was giving me some right dirty looks and insisting she could change it to two single beds if we wanted. Incase you’re also not aware of Vegas, it is often referred to as “Sin City”. It’s all about gambling, drinking and on every street corner there’s a man in a t-shirt that says “girls, girls, girls” on it, handing out leaflets. The city is designed for sin but this woman had an issue with the two women who had been in a loving relationship for the past three and a half years who had just got married to show their commitment to each other.

Your famous sign says “Welcome to FABULOUS Las Vegas, Nevada”!

If you don’t like gay people that’s your choice but you might want to have a look at the actions of all the other people around you too (and take our word off your bloody sign!). I can’t help but think we were some of the straightest people there. I just don’t get some people’s logic. Anyway the room was insane, I had the best nights sleep of my life and so did Tappy. No free tea and coffee though, sort yourself out please America.

Funnily enough it was a very different experience checking into the hotel in San Francisco. Those women have got some really practical shoes. I admire that.

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