You won’t break us!

What could be more terrifying than going to Ikea? Going to Ikea with period pains an hour away from home with no ibuprofen. This was my reality yesterday and yet I survived, I’m not even a saint or anything.

We finally found a cot that we liked for a good price. All the other ones we’d seen looked the same in my opinion but varied massively in price. The one we’ve got is light grey, grey is very now, I can’t wait for in the future when we laugh at pictures of our baby in it’s disgusting coloured cot that we loved very much at the time.

We’ve got a matching wardrobe too in a very now light grey. I’ve got to say the man who helped us out was really helpful and told us we basically didn’t need half of the things we were buying until the baby was older. He clearly didn’t realise we want to buy everything it needs up until the age of 20 so we never have to leave the house again.

This lovely man also explained how if we wanted the cot, wardrobe and drawers we’d need to get him to print something out and then we’d have to go downstairs and then for another bit we’d have to go to a different building that we needed a map for and someone there would print that out and blah blah, fuck that shit, I’ll get it online. We got a lot of it yesterday and I’m sure if it hadn’t been for my period pains and small car I probably would have done whatever he was going on about but I wasn’t in the mood. God bless the internet.

We’ve ended up spending about £550 in total but got loads. The room that’ll be a nursery is trashed at the moment, it’s going to make such a difference when we can empty it and get the new furniture in. It seems more real everyday =).

Tappy hadn’t been to Ikea for years and I get the feeling she’s going to gradually, room by room, turn our house into an Ikea showroom. That’ll cost us around a tenner I reckon.

What am I like, I almost forgot to mention I’ve ordered from Ikea a little hedgehog holding a strawberry. A strawberry!!vandring

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