Are you gay? Are you blue?

Right at this moment our unborn baby is enjoying the delights of Tori Amos’ Boys for Pele.

You’re welcome future child!

Tappy is sitting with headphones on her belly…because I made her. I am amazed she didn’t put up more of a fight about it. Incase you haven’t heard it, Boys for Pele is the best album ever recorded and everyone should listen to it constantly. Of course if everyone did I’d no doubt go off of it slightly as I’m a bit of a twat.

I’ll be very interested to see what music he’s into in the future. Me and Tappy have got very different tastes. The only person we seem to both like is Beyonce, and even with her, Tappy only likes her shit songs and doesn’t like her best like “Diva” and “Countdown”. Weirdo.

If he turns out like Tappy he’s going to really like rubbish like R Kelly. I’ll put up with that you’ve got that vibe song but I draw the line at turning back the hands of time or believing he can fly or whatever, NOT UNDER MY ROOF!

I want to get a ukulele in his hands as soon as I can too. I’d better look up the chords for Boys for Pele now 🙂 I just had a beautiful vision of a chirpy little toddler singing the world’s most depressing album on the world’s happiest instrument.

Or this would do just fine…17 seconds is my favourite part 😀

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