Don’t Panic!

Tappy is starting to panic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s wrong to be concerned about getting things ready in time for our little apple’s (can you guess what fruit it’s as big as now?) arrival but it’s almost as if she’s watching an egg timer that’s only got a tiny little bit left in it and we’re all doomed!

What triggered this was a list of things you’ll need out of a Mothercare book. It is a big list but honestly most of it is clothes. Maybe it’s a bit concerning that I’m being so laid back about it I suppose. I just think we’re going to get so many presents from people and also we really need to confirm if it is a boy on the 20 week scan before buying/doing certain things.

We got a date for our 20 week scan today, it’s on the 10th August. After that I think we can really start freaking out but until then we can’t do loads. We have made a little list of things we need, we went on Amazon and just put everything we could in the basket and bought it…that was 2 things lol. I’m sure on the 10th I’ll write on here a long list of things I was forced to buy online and we’ll be ready for the birth by the 11th 🙂

On an unrelated note, I just clicked a minute ago that this baby was conceived with David Cameron as Prime Minister and will be born with Theresa May in charge. Saying that, things can change so quickly and so many politicians have resigned lately that I might be prime minister by then. The first lesbian Prime Minister…although no woman can be as homophobic as Maggie Thatcher without being a closet case.

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