Late night?

Ikea delivered our cot and wardrobe yesterday 😀 We’re getting someone round to clean our carpets so we’re waiting to actually assemble them… what we said and didn’t happen because we put them up the same day! Of course we did, you can’t wait for stuff like that.

The wardrobe was quite straight forward, we followed the instructions well, I nailed in the million nails needed for the backboard, I realised I’d put the top on backwards, all the nails would need to come out to change it, oh bollocks. We ended up painting the top bit with a sample paint we just happened to have which just happened to be the right colour.

That’s ok, we’ll make sure we follow the instructions extra carefully for the cot. Not as easy, taking a long time, getting cross, ok this isn’t too bad, OH FOR FUCKS SAKE WE’VE PUT THE BOTTOM BIT ON THE PART FOR AN OLDER BABY!!! We needed to unscrew the side, that had taken us ages to put on, off to change it. What a headache but I had a great nights sleep.

This baby better like it’s room 🙂

It’s only about 3 weeks now until we definitely find out the sex and then we can really get the room done. No pink though, not until the child can actually say “I would like some pink stuff in my room because I like pink”. Unless it says that the closest it’s getting are purples. This also applies to princesses. It can have Lilo. Or Dory, I like Dory.

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