Just keep swimming.

So today was clearly the best day of Trillo’s life. Trillo is our doglet who obviously, with us being lesbians, is our baby. I’ve been wanting to get her a little paddling pool for ages for hot days. This is England so we don’t get many hot days and it keeps being put off. We needed one of those hard ones for babies so her claws wouldn’t puncture it. Oh hang on, we’re having a baby so it can be used loads, what a coincidence!

I know you’re probably thinking that’s a bit stupid, teaching a dog to get into a baby paddling pool but we struggled to get her front paws into it, I can’t see it being a problem. (obviously with a real baby in the pool we’re not going to let the dog just jump about in it, just incase a hippy is reading this and freaks out, and I can say that by the way because I’m a hippy). She spent most of the day bringing her ball to me, letting me throw it in the pool and then bringing it back for more.


I suggested to Tappy today that we should call the baby Minty after Minty from Eastenders. Naturally she assumed I was actually talking about naming a camper van….

Anyway she suggested Minty Rosehip as we were cycling past some rosehip at the time, she’s a nutcase.

I realise this post is all over the place but I’m distracted by Finding Nemo and Tappy poking me with her feet.

I give up =)

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