It’s squishy.

About a million things have happened since the last time I wrote on here and naturally I can’t think of any of them right now. Let’s think.

We went to the seaside this weekend just been which was nice, big up the Hemsby massive!

Saw finding Dory last night, so beautiful it’s ridiculous. I now want to call our baby Dory if it’s a girl. I’ve been told no.

On the 28th Tappy felt the baby move for the first time and it’s been wiggling around ever since which is lovely. Infact she just commented that it moved now….then she started singing that generation x song by the spice girls. I have been putting my hand on her belly to have a feel but I haven’t felt anything yet. I know there’s plenty of time for that. I’ve heard lots about seeing feet pushing out when the bump is really big and I keep getting images of that scene from Alien.

It’s a week exactly until we have our next and last scan (with everything going to plan). We asked baby daddy if he’d like to come and see it and he seemed really pleased to get the opportunity. It wasn’t something I’d really thought about him coming to, but after witnessing it myself at our 12 week scan I thought it would be such a shame for him not to experience it. I wonder how much our little pepper has grown…well from the size of a plum to a mango I suppose….

I’ve told Tappy she needs to warn him of the pubes because, you might not know this, but when you’re getting a scan you flash some pubes. Baby daddy is gay so I’m worried he might faint at the sight of lady garden or something like that. Maybe he’ll need fanning or something. Maybe smelling salts. I can’t be blamed for these judgemental thoughts, it’s a generation thing (I’m old enough to say that now).

Anyway it’s exciting and I think it’ll be lovely. It’s all feeling more real every day.

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