wiggle wiggle

I felt baby move for the first time today, we also spoke whale to each other but I won’t get into that now. For the last few days whenever Tappy has felt it moving she’s told me to come and feel it and it’s stopped every time I have. I wasn’t overly bothered that I couldn’t feel it to be honest as I know when it’s bigger I’ll be able to feel it loads. Still very exciting though.

We also ordered our pram yesterday. We’ve gone for a Graco travel system something or other. It has this fancy thing where it has a handle in the middle, you pull it and it just folds down. I’m not going to lie to you, Tappy just liked it because it has cup holders and she’s dying for a Costa.

We went for a lovely long walk around perfect field today (named that because it’s massive and lovely and everyone smiles). While on this walk I made the mistake of basically claiming that looking after a baby was easy…I’m well aware of what I’ve done…I am a proper stupidhead! I hope it doesn’t bite me on the bum too much…karma…not the baby.

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