It’s a girl!!!!!

I’ve been calling her Leyton/Leighton/Layton for ages but she doesn’t have a little winkle after all!!

Really excited to find out it is a girl. I wasn’t really bothered what sex she was but I am wondering if I’d have been just as excited to find out it was a boy?

We had Babydaddy with us today for the 20 week scan which was lovely. I got Tappy to warn him about the pubes, I think he was glad of the warning. We all had half days as the scan was at 2pm. We were in and out fairly quickly and we were told everything was perfect which is amazing. Afterwards we went to see my sister in her shop and bought a little green dress with pink trim and some tiny pink boots, the first actually designed for a girl things we’ve bought. Everyone we met was a bit grumpy today, apart from the people at my sister’s shop.

Tappy has moved on to the heartburn side of pregnancy now, she’s just getting over all the morning sickness too which is rubbish. She had a hot chocolate after the scan and she’s had heartburn since.


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