It’s been 84 years.

Well who knew that Lowestoft was filled with lovely people? I feel like I’ve been left out of a secret. So I’m supercool, I now love Lowestoft/Southwold/generally all of Suffolk and I’ve genuinely been looking forward to a caravan programme that’s on tonight. How have I not got a fanclub?

Edie had her second trip to the seaside this week, her first was Hemsby, and she loved it…well she wiggled around and stuff. Saw quite a lot of lesbians too which is pretty standard for the seaside. What is it that draws lesbians to the coast *insert fish joke here*.

What did Edie get up to? Monday she travelled up to where we were staying, had a chip butty with some dodgy curry sauce and went bowling. Tuesday she lounged about until she fancied listening to the wind and ocean, then she got beaten at pool. Wednesday her mums had run out of toilet paper so they pinched a bit from almost every toilet in Southwold. Also there was some very cool thing on the pier there, people had made unique slot machines that were amazing. Thursday she went to The Yarm and listened to her mums claiming they could see some sort of baby killer whale thingy in the sea…turned out to be a seal. Today all she could hear was me moaning about not wanting to go home.

Oh well 😦

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