Doctor, Doctor, blah blah, pull yourself together.

Edie’s nursery is coming along nicely. It has a massive window in it, which although is lovely is a massive pain in the arse for buying curtains, especially when it comes to baby curtains….unless when I was searching for “baby curtains” the search engines thought I literally meant curtains that are tiny, not fully grown curtains…maybe.

Anyway to get some the right size we’d have to get some custom made. I’ve got a little bit of sewing experience so decided I’d have a go at making them. Like always I’ve managed to make about a million mistakes but they’ve turned out alright. Fine, I haven’t hemmed them yet and I know I’ll make them too short but it’ll all work out in the end, that’s what tv has taught me anyway.

I’ve also tried to cover a lampshade with the same material…fucked that up too.

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