Dancing at the disco bumper to bumper

Tappy has a lovely little bump now. Saying this, I’m getting the impression she might not be finding it so lovely, she was 27 weeks on Tuesday and she just told me she won’t be able to carry Edie for 40 weeks because there’s nowhere for the bump to go. She’s a larrrf!

I think we’ve pretty much bought everything we need to buy at this point. Tappy’s mum just bought us a steriliser and bottle warmer for £18 from Mothercare (BARGAIN!) and she’s wondering around the house right now showing off the bag thing that comes with it to keep the bottles hot, I think she might be a bit excited. She disappeared upstairs to “sort out” Edie’s clothes…I don’t remember her even wearing them since the last time she sorted them out 🙂

This must be the first time she’s ever looked forward to January.

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