Convinced myself I’m Handy Andy

I keep going on about how we’ve pretty much got everything we need but I had forgotten we needed a little table to put a lamp on. Being a bit of a hippy, I love recycling and making stuff, I’m also really tight! I nicked a pallet from work, got in the garden with a saw, hammer, pencil, tape measure and made a load of crap but I’m very proud of myself. Tomorrow I’m going to give it a bit of a sanding then paint it.

The thing I’m mainly proud of is the fact that the pallet was free, I reused the nails that came out of it, used some nails we had left over from some flatpack thing we made, I’m using left over sandpaper left in the shed and it’s going to be painted with sample pots left over *big breeeeath* HASN’T COST ME A PENNY!

Don’t get me wrong, there is a chance it’ll turn out so shit it’ll go in the bin, not a problem, cost me nothing =)…maybe I’ll make a bin out of pallets? Try to stop me. It’s free.

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