Get off my land!

I need to apologise to my town.

The name of this blog really came about as it’s easy to feel like the only lesbians who exist sometimes. Growing up here I would constantly hear homophobic things and general ignorance which I didn’t experience as much when living in a city. I came back here because my family are here and it’s cheap. Tappy had always said to me she’d like kids and the thought of bringing them up in a place like this filled me with dread. I’d obviously changed my mind by the time we had decided to try to conceive but was still sad we couldn’t start a family in a way without some people having an issue with it.

Tappy hasn’t given birth yet but this is the reaction we’ve received so far…

Nobody gives a shit!

I don’t mean that as in nobody gives a shit she’s pregnant, everyone seems over the moon, but nobody seems to have an issue with us being gay. Fingers crossed it’ll stay like that.

So to the people of our town I apologise and take it all back, you’re not the bunch of backwards, inbred, webbedfingered weirdos that I thought you were. *hugs*.

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