Last day of parental leave :(

It’s been almost 3 weeks of our little bundle of joy and puke and poop and sick. I’m gutted to say I’m back to work tomorrow and Tappy is going to be doing it by herself.

Today we took Edie to her first baby class. She couldn’t really do anything but it was still lovely to meet some other people in similar positions and also to know what Tappy will be expecting. Again nobody batted an eyelid about 2 mums and again I apologise to my little town.

We went for a Costa afterwards, I’ve had the same amount of costas in this last almost 3 weeks as I have in the rest of my life put together. A nice elderly couple sat down next to us and we got chatting as I’ve realised you always do when you have a baby. Anyway I don’t really remember exactly how it was said but after them talking to Tappy the lady looked at me and asked if I had any kids, I smiled and gestured to Edie. “Ooah right…you don’t look like you’ve just had a baby”. I think I just thanked her to save time. If she had then started asking me about the birth I’m pretty sure I would have still gone along with it and came out with some elaborate story and even walked out limping to give the impression of stitches…it would have been easier :). She didn’t ask any more but did comment how lovely it was when people step in to help as Tappy was putting Edie back in the pushchair.

It’s incredible how different the generations are. Everyone my sort of age and below just pretty much assumes we’re 2 mums and sometimes ask a few questions but they’re normal questions that I would wonder too about same sex couple parents. The older generation assume you must be straight because that’s how babies are made. That isn’t me having a go at all, I don’t believe it’s out of nastiness, it just makes me chuckle. I think if I had explained our situation to the elderly couple today (they told us they had great grandkids to give you an idea of age) they would have explained back to me that what I had said didn’t make sense and I probably needed to have a lie down and my husband should call the doctor for me.

Right I’ve been patronising enough now while assuming something about everyone over a certain age, I’ll leave it there for now.

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