Super Edie 

I think Edie might have super powers.

She has this amazing sixth sense whenever you want or actually need to do something and then she’ll cry. Incredible.

For example she’s been nodding off and looking around happily but during my last sentence…she suddenly needed me 🙂 super powers.

Before she was born people kept telling me things like “say goodbye to your freedom” and “You’re not going to sleep again for years” and I thought well why do people ever have a second if it’s so hard? The stupid thing is the things you need to do aren’t really that difficult, for me it’s how constant it is. You get her dressed, which takes a while because of how freakishly strong and wiggly she is, you step back to smile at how gorgeous she is in her new outfit and she pukes. Don’t start thinking she’s puked on the bib, no somehow projected past that and also got it down her neck at the same time.

The beautiful thing is that the times when you feel like you might be losing the plot are the times Edie’s happiest. Our routine when she cries in the night is to change her nappy before feeding her so hopefully she can be put down comfortably after her bottle. As soon as you lift her out of her cot and lay her on her changing mat she’s over the moon and does her very own baby version of cracking up laughing. This makes it much less painful.

Anyway she’s gorgeous and getting more gorgeous as every day goes by, even more gorgeous than a fat snorty pug. I know, it’s hard to believe.

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