Baby’s best friend

We have a beautiful brindle staffy, we’ve had her 7 years and she is the most well behaved dog I’ve ever had.

When tappy was pregnant with Edie everyone kept asking “I wonder what Trillo will be like with her?”. We all thought she might be a bit jealous but I’ve never had any real concerns, not that I’d leave them in a room alone together but I wouldn’t want that with any dog.

Then Edie was born and we were about to find out. She barely bats an eye at her! Where were all my hilarious and cute staffy and baby best friend video opportunities? Edie didn’t show an interest in Trillo either, I suppose when you’ve just been born everything is equally as unusual and weird so you don’t think much of the little, odd shaped, hairy human that walks on its hands. Actually apart from hairy that doesn’t sound too different from a baby (although my mum tells me hairy did apply to me).

It’s taken until almost 7 months for Edie to realise she has this amazing furry sister. Trillo walks in the room and Edie shakes with excitement, it’s hilarious. I’ve started taking Edie over to her and letting her stroke her back, naturally all she wants to do is grab her fur as hard as she can, pull her ears and poke her in the eyes. I don’t let her do these things just so you know, I don’t want Trillo to have these things happen for two obvious reasons, firstly nobody likes being poked in the eye and secondly painful things can cause anyone to lash out.

I think that actually Trillo is starting to enjoy it, she doesn’t get the same attention now as she did before and from the looks of it Edie will give her plenty of attention. She also gets a little biscuit after these strokes of terror, she deals with anything for that.

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