Bing of thrones 

We don’t watch a lot of live tv, we’re more Netflix/boxset types but this has changed drastically since Edie started focusing (Obviously a while ago now). I used to put on CBeebies and thought she’ll like whatever’s on there, she’s a baby, she just sees a load of colours and has no idea what’s going on. Tappy on the other hand kept telling me how much Edie liked Bing. For those who don’t know he’s a little bunny boy with a teddy bestfriend/guardian/helper called Flop (silly Flop). I thought Tappy was just being odd but actually Edie really did pay much more attention to Bing than any other programme (she also likes Pocoyo and much to my delight RuPaul’s drag race).

Now he’s mostly what’s on our tv and if she’s being particularly grumpy and not going to sleep we struggle to keep up with the series that we want to watch.

So here’s my fantastic idea (I know I didn’t mention that I had one), TV TYPES LISTEN UP, YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS…

I’m pretty sure Edie likes the colours, the music and their soft funny voices but doesn’t know what’s going on. Why not take some of the story lines from the most popular programmes out there at the moment, Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead etc, and put them in Bing?

I’m not talking about Sula screaming while getting bitten by a zombie, coming back and then tearing Amma’s throat out with her teeth. I’m talking about little cute things that wonder around outside always wanting to play tag and they could tag Coco, Coco would get all dizzy and then she’d want to play tag in the house to the horror of Flop. Obviously there’d be an episode where Pando has a wand and threatens to put a spell on one of the characters only for Bing to stand up to him meaning he puts a spell on not only Padgit but also Sula! NO! NOT SULA ASWELL!!

Or there’s a chair they’d all like to sit on, maybe musical chairs, Bing would be John Snow, Coco would be Serci, Sula would be deneras and Pando would be Ramsey.

Anyway my point is I feel there’s a market for parents of babies who want to watch their regular programmes while entertaining their babies and not traumatizing them.

So to all the tv types out there who are going to fight over this idea, feel free to tell me I’m a genius and send me lots of money. I thank you.

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