Edie does Benidorm!

She’s not even 7 months yet and she’s already been abroad, what a fancy baby we have. Edie’s been drinking and dancing in Benidorm and she had a great time apart from being constantly sticky. She’s been having swimming lessons with her Dad so she was fine getting in the pool and having a little splash.

We have definitely learnt a lesson about packing for a small family.

We stayed in an apartment with a washing machine. The washing machine wasn’t staying there like a guest, I meant the apartment had a washing machine in it. We knew this so I’m not sure why I felt I needed 7 t-shirts and 7 vest tops along with my other clothes. To be fair me and tappy didn’t do too badly with our stuff but for some reason we took an insane amount of clothes and toys for Edie. Do you know what a baby wears in a really hot country? Their nappy. It was so hot and the people of Benidorm haven’t worked this out yet so don’t bother having air conditioning, just a badly placed fan, that our sticky baby was in her nappy almost the whole time. We just needed nappies and milk.

You live you learn.

You could argue there’s no way of knowing it was going to be that hot but even still the summer in Spain is always going to be warm enough to dry an outfit drying on the balcony.

Hopefully I’ll learn (I know we’ll do exactly the same thing next time).

Here’s a video of her raving in Benidorm.

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