Just when you’ve got it all figured out she goes and changes everything!

We had a lovely routine, every night she’d have a bath, get dried, have a bottle and during this bottle she would fall asleep, I’d put her down and she would then stay asleep until around 5/6am.

You quickly forget how lucky you are when things like this are happening.

She now sits up in the bath and plays with her toys, she seems to love this and I think could stay in their all night to be honest. She’s then guaranteed to cry as she’s getting dried which is annoying but the most annoying thing is during the bottle. She starts drinking it, closes her eyes and falls asleep…until her bottle finishes and then she decides she wants to sit bolt upright and be in to everything. The obvious thing here was to give her more milk. When I did this she drank exactly the same amount of ounces that were in the emptied bottles. She then sat bolt upright.

It was so lovely when you didn’t have to do anything and she just turned into this little sleeping beauty, I can’t believe I didn’t feel more grateful for it now.

Hopefully this is all part of teething and once they’re through she’ll settle down more. I just can’t help but think she’ll be 25, being a pain in the bum all night and wanting to get cuddled inbetween us.

I’m going to go sleep in the shed.

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