The monster moves!

She crawled for the first time today! It was very wobbly and there was quite a lot of time inbetween arm and leg movements but she definitely moved herself forward on purpose.

I got so excited I started clapping and cheering. Once I noticed that every time I did this she stopped to look at what mummy was doing I told myself out loud not to. This was followed instantly by me clapping and cheering again. I got carried away and lost myself!

Thinking about it now I got that excited about shuffling herself forward, what am I going to be like at things like sports days? I’ve got a horrible feeling I’m going to be one of those parents at the side screaming as if they’re a coach at the Olympics.

God help the poor girl.

Anyway my heart melted and I also know we’ve hit a dark moment in her growth, that moment where if we don’t keep an eye on her at every moment she’s going to be falling off of things, and eating wires and generally being in places she shouldn’t be.

I’d better get training for the mum’s race now.

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