Up all night partying!

This title is half true, all three of us were up all night (probably four if we ask the dog).

Yesterday Edie recreated that scene from the exorcist and after I’d told her off for saying Nana does something naughty in Hell she threw up like I’ve never seen before.

I think I’ve said something similar in a previous post, she has projectile vomited in the past, cute little milky projectile pukes, but this was like watching a tiny adult being really violently sick.

At one point it didn’t look like she was going to stop and Tappy was about to perform some sort of first aid on her. Thankfully she’s ok, I say she’s ok, she’s not but at the same time it’s nothing life threatening, just really really sad to see and frustrating.

We tried to get some Calpol in her as she was feeling hot, this made her cry even more and came across as a form of torture. I just wish we could explain to her that after she’s swallowed it it will make her feel a bit better, maybe a lot better.

Another thing that I think I’ve said before is how much respect I have for Mum’s now. Dad’s stop freaking out at the prejudice here, I was going to say parents but actually the things that Tappy’s body has gone through and the sleep deprivation (again I know this isn’t always the mum) it’s incredible how Mums cope.

Blah blah I’m tired, I’m going to end this here as I’m rambling and as I’ve mentioned didn’t sleep too well.

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