Swimming with Daddy

If I’d written this a couple of weeks ago it would be about how Edie loves going swimming once a week with her Dad. How she got in the water perfectly first time with no issues, how she gets dunked under the water every week and never cries and how me and Tappy sit watching it all smuggly through a window as our perfect angel is of course perfect in every way.

This isn’t a couple of weeks ago though, this is the evening of the day where she cried so hard she was bright red and had 4 lines of liquid running down her face all because we passed her to her Dad in a swimming pool.

That was all we did.

She had had a nap, she had had her bottle, she had a clean nappy on.

She cried like we had told her Bing bunny had been murdered.

This happened last week too. I’m really hoping it’s a temporary thing because her teeth must be coming through. It’s just unbelievable what a different child she’s been though and it makes you feel awful.

As I was kneeling at the side of the pool trying to calm her down it felt difficult to make the right decision. I don’t want to see her cry but at the same time we can’t just stop things because she’s crying, sadly life just doesn’t work like that (wouldn’t it be nice if it did). Also it runs through your head are parents looking at you thinking “for God’s sake, why is she being so cruel to that child and forcing her to do things she’s scared of”. I’m thinking that at the same time as thinking they’ll judge me if I had taken her out of the pool. I just can’t win in my mind! Realistically I know most of the parents were thinking “I remember when that was my kid doing that” so I don’t beat myself up too much.

So for the second week in a row Edie has spent her quality time with her Dad crying. His parents are coming over from Australia in a couple of weeks and if she’s like this with them I’ll die! The stupid thing is half an hour later we’re home and she’s sitting there giggling like Bing bunny has just asked Edie to marry him (we’re all for equality in this house).

She just wants to show us up basically.

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