It’s the little things in life.

Edie has been cracking me up recently. I love all the stages she’s gone through and I love how she’s becoming aware in a different way than before.

She gets really excited about certain things and finds odd stuff hilarious and we just don’t know why.

Getting out of her car seat, you open the door and as your hands reach for the button she starts wiggling her arms and legs with excitement with the biggest smile! To be fair I get that, she doesn’t like being strapped in and she gets that that’s over, I don’t get the stairs.

Sometimes I’ll be in a world of my own walking down the stairs in our house when I’ll hear the biggest laugh ever. It’s only that Edie staring at me! Every time she watches someone walk up or down our stairs (they’re in our living room) she loses it. Those stairs are comedy geniuseseses (geniui?). That I don’t get. I’d love to know what it is because maybe then I could join in on it, we could go to some big public place and just watch people walk up and down stairs all day. It would be free but we’d feel like we were at the best comedy club around.

Best of all is that Christmas is going to be super cheap for Edie’s presents. She’s just getting a load of baby wipes. I don’t know if you know but they’re the latest craze for babies. If you want a bit of peace with Edie just pass her the wipes. Try to take one out and wipe her face it’s a different story but giving her the packet is bliss. We could probably go out for the day leaving her at home and she wouldn’t even notice (I haven’t done this and won’t do this before you start calling Ester Ranson). I’ll just use a sharpie to draw Bing on them, what more could a baby want?

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