An audience with Edie

We’re not religious so Edie won’t have a christening. A friend of mine, who’s also not religious, had a Naming Day for her daughter so they could still have a nice get together and celebrate their little girl.

We rarely put pictures of Edie on Facebook, and we find it difficult to meet up with a lot of our friends. You get to a certain age and everyone is having kids or they’ve moved away and if you’re free they’re not and vice versa. Most of our friends have met her but not since she’s been all wiggly and even more gorgeous and we want to share that with people.

Neither me or Tappy particularly like a formal occasion. I believe this mainly comes from our dread of getting dressed up but we both just feel completely out of place. It’s a shame really because we do love a get together, just not while being dressed up and having to follow odd rules (I think I’m making this up in my head that there are traditions at these things, I just constantly feel like I’m doing something wrong that someone is judging me for). For this reason I didn’t fancy having a naming day for her. Also it’s difficult finding an evening when everyone’s available.

We decided what we’d do instead was have a picnic. We’d dedicate the day to Edie and just have a good time. We wanted it to be as relaxed as possible, if you can come that’s great, if not don’t worry about it. I made an open Facebook group and posted on my wall what we were doing, if you’re on my list then you’re invited (and of course crossed my fingers that certain people would understand I didn’t mean them 😄).

It was yesterday and it was great. My family were there, Tappy’s family were there, Baby Daddy’s family were there and his boyfriend’s family were there along with some very dear friends. Edie has so many people who love her and there wasn’t one of those people who isn’t lovely.

We had said we’d be in the park between 12-6pm, just drop by whenever you can and stay as long as you like and that’s exactly what people did. We borrowed gazebos incase it rained and it didn’t. Not one person asked us a stupid question about being gay parents either. Well one always has a little something to ask that makes me sigh but to be fair I think he’s just intrigued and trying to understand it. When you’ve been out for close to 20 years it can be easy to forget it’s something a lot of people haven’t come across.

It’s definitely something I’d recommend to anyone. Aswell as it being relaxed it cost us a fraction of having to hire somewhere. I wonder if there were people who came who might not have come if it had been more formal, who might have made an excuse not to. Who knows?

Anyway we had a great time and more importantly Edie seemed to enjoy herself. She loves all the attention. You can bet she’ll be the complete opposite of us and love getting dressed up and throwing a party. As an adult she’ll probably be disgusted that all we did for her was a bloody picnic!

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