My baby plays ukulele, does your baby play ukulele? Don’t think so.

I love playing ukulele, not saying I’m any good at it but I find it so satisfying to just sit there and strum away your favourite disney classics, oh um I mean some cool band that the kids like these days (can’t think of anyone apart from Justin Beiber right now and I’m refusing to put him).

Edie also likes a bit of ukulele and she’s really not too bad at it. Sure she grabs all the strings with one hand and squeezes them until you think they’ll break and take everyone’s eyes out. Sure she hits it like she thinks it’s a drum. Sure she grabs the pegs and rams them in her mouth but do we not all do these things?…

My hope is she’s that young that she’ll quickly get an ear for it, master it, move on to some fancy guitar thing, become the Tori Amos of the guitar world and make us a few million. Perfectly reasonable I believe.

Top of the pops here she comes!

…what do you mean that’s not on anymore….but how do the kids hear about music…they do what in streams…

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