Werk! Supermodel!

Edie had a photo shoot yesterday, she was spotted by a top designer who’s going to get her on the cover of vogue! That’s what I like to tell myself anyway.

There’s a baby competition in the local paper and of course we’ve entered our little angel in it. They put the photos in the paper and the baby with the most family members who can be bothered to vote wins. Edie’s got three parents so I think she’s in with a pretty good chance, jokes on you now straight people!

Edie, who usually is very smiley and warm, got stage fright or something as soon as she was put on the table. She was looking at us all like we were mental. I told myself it was a strange situation for her but she’s a baby, surely everything is new and weird to her.

Needless to say she was the most beautiful baby who entered. I didn’t actually see any of the other kids who entered but I find it very difficult to believe she wasn’t.

The photographer explained that we could buy the pictures. We could have one for £5, buy the disc for £100 or the disc and the 8 photos for £180…didnt take us long to decide.

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