Sound of happy

A friend told me about this. They got a load of babies, plugged wires into their brains, forced them to listen to all kinds of sounds to test which ones they liked best. Monsters.

I’ve probably made it sound worse than it was…or made some of it up.

But they really did test which sounds babies had the best reactions to then used them to make a song. With Imogen Heap of all people!

I played this to Edie this morning. We quite regularly have music on and she doesn’t pay too much attention to it. I have to say she did pay attention to this. She wasn’t cracking up and losing it but she did pick up the speaker and cuddle it, I’d say that was pretty good. She was getting bored a couple of hours later when I was still singing it but could only remember the word “helicopter”. I think this is going to become a regular in our house!

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