Ring Shopping

What with my town being all fine with the gays these days (what am I meant to moan about now?) This had just become an Edie blog rather than a lesbian mum blog which was half the thinking when I started it, so here’s one of our little straight people made me laugh moments.

We got married in 2012 so of course we needed wedding rings. Neither of us are into your typical “bride” wedding rings so along we went to see what we could find. Tappy’s was a standard silver band but I liked the look of one that was much thicker. This was a “groom” ring but the lady in the shop told me having it resized was no problem. We picked and paid for them and were told to come back the next week to pick them up.

Next week came and the nice different lady in the shop took my receipt. She did the whole coo-ey goo-ey thing that women in shops have to do if they see something is about a wedding because they’re so over the moon happy for you (I know you don’t care ladies in shops, you don’t have to hurt your face for me). She opened the boxes to show me. She opened Tappy’s first, oh isn’t that lovely etc. She then opened the box with the “groom” ring in it. Oh that’s lovely etc and then a slightly confused expression. “hasn’t your fiance got tiny hands, like a woman”.

In my head I cracked up. What if I had been picking it up for my future husband? Why are you feeling the need to tell me he has tiny hands? More to the point I clearly look like a lesbian, why would you think I was marrying a man? I know you can never assume but honestly, some people.

I have an image of her going home and telling someone about how a woman in the shop picked up a tiny ring for her husband today and them asking her “did she look like a massive lesbian?” and her reply being “well yes she did actually, do you know her and her tiny fingered man fiance then?”.

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