New Shoes??

On our walk abouts today we decided to pop in Clarkes, a top quality shoe shop, to get Edie’s feet measured. Don’t start thinking we had any intention of buying shoes there, naturally we were getting her size so we could get some cheap ones online like any good mothers would.

The assistants were busy so we played in the mirror for ages, forget soft play, this is our new playground from now on. I managed to get Edie wound up enough so that when the assistant was free she was nice and wiggly (Edie, not the assistant). I held her as still as I could (Edie, not the assistant) and we got those flippers measured. Apparently her left foot is half a size smaller than her right?! I’m not accepting that, what are you saying about my baby?!

There was something so cute about watching Edie sit on the floor trying to pull these weird things off her feet, she can’t stand socks, why were we torturing her with these mad contraptions? The shoes were silver space boot-esque. All of her clothes were randomly thrown on. She looked mental. It was beautiful.

We took everything we’d learnt from our GCSE drama lessons, scratched our chins, told them we were going to wait a couple of weeks to see if she had a growth spurt and then we would come back for them. *snort*

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  1. bethanyk says:

    How cute is this! Brought back memories. The minute we put socks on our daughter she’d grab them by the toe and pull them off and toss them.


    1. 😄 when Edie pulls her socks off, her hand slips and she always manages to punch herself in the face and sits there looking shocked for a second lol

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      1. bethanyk says:

        OMG my daughter would do the same and then look at ME like I did something!!!!! It was quite the cycle! I was nursing her at the time and my husband would always laugh at the fact that she hurt herself, but she thought i hurt her somehow and then she would want to nurse to console herself and he was like wow this is a total mess!!!!!!
        We learn as we go that’s for sure.


      2. Lol aww bless her! I have to say it does always make me laugh, she doesn’t seem overly bothered by it, maybe she’s too distracted figuring out what I’m laughing about 😄

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