Time to start TTC!!

This blog was started when my wife fell pregnant to track the hilarity that would happen to a pair of lesbians living in a small white town, but nooo all you straight people are all cool with the gays now and so the few hilarious things have been from really old people who we don’t come across all that often anyway. Thanks British public for being all progressive and giving me nothing to write about!

In an early post I explained that our plan was for my partner to get pregnant first and then once the baby was about a year old we would try for our second, this time it being my turn. Well Edie turned 1 last month and guess who’s ovulating? If you can’t work it out then you don’t deserve to know.

Fine, it’s me, I’m ovulating (I don’t want anyone to feel left out).

I’ve been tracking my period for the last year on an app called “Glow”. At first I didn’t think a lot of this app and it regularly predicted the wrong date for me to start. However the more I used it the more accurate it got and now it gets it spot on every time. I bought some ovulation tests too and checked that Glow was predicting when I was ovulating correctly for the last 2 months, again it did the job nicely. I’m really glad I planned ahead otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue when we should be trying.

I’m sure if you’re reading this you probably haven’t read my early posts explaining our situation, just to quickly recap, we found a gay man who lives near by with his boyfriend who was exactly what we were looking for. We let him know when my partner was ovulating, he’d come round, disappear with an empty pot for a bit, reappear with a not empty pot, he’d go home and we’d do what we needed with the contents of the pot. Now if you can’t work this out then I’m really not explaining this time (unless you ask nicely).

It took us roughly nine months to conceive Edie. We were talking about what did we do differently on the last time that made it successful.

Could we remember?

We looked at each other blankly for a minute and then just gave up. I wish we’d kept a diary every time so we could have an idea of what it was. We do vaguely remember some differences, we poured the spunkymanjuice (catchier than sperm I feel) into the syringe rather than sucked it up. My partner had said that she was finding the whole process too stressful and this would be the last time she would attempt it. I think this “giving up” approach actually helped her a bit, I think some of the stress came off of her shoulders once she had that mindset. They are the two things in my mind that made a difference.

So I’m going to do a test tomorrow to see if I’m ovulating (Glow has predicted the next three days are the days best to try) give babydaddy a call and get some spunkylovestuff in me. I’m going to keep a diary of it all but obviously I hope it happens first time. I could not have guessed what a pain in the arse trying to conceive is (no we weren’t trying the wrong hole).

Wish me luck!

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  1. Reblogged this on Vegan Shenanigans and commented:

    If you thought vegans were annoying then what about lesbian mum vegans, I’m just about the worst! This is my other blog which will focus more on trying to conceive for a while now…hopefully not too long šŸ˜€


  2. bethanyk says:

    Wishing you sooooo much luck!!!! What an exciting time! Baby number 2 could be on the way soon


    1. Thank you, it’s very exciting šŸ˜€

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