Gordon’s a nice name.

Today is the day my period was due to start. Today was the day I had my fingers crossed that my period wouldn’t start. It started 2 days ago 😦

I suppose if it was going to start I’m glad it was earlier than later, the waiting was going on forever. Today I had a gin, couldn’t have done that if I was pregnant, that’s my silver lining. In fact I’ve decided that I’m going to buy a big bottle of gin and if I don’t conceive on my next attempt the gin will come out again on period day. I’ve now convinced myself I’m completely unable to conceive at all and although we’ll carry on trying I’m going to become known as the gin lady. Every Xmas and birthday from now on people will buy me gifts with hilarious gin related humour on it because every time they see me I’m half cut on the old gin…but they won’t know why. Maybe I’ll lose everything due to the amount of money I’ve had to spend on gin from not conceiving and wonder the streets drinking gin and become infamous in this town. I’ll become someone the parents round here tell their kids that if they’re naughty gin lady will come after them, mumbling through drunken tears something about babies.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand it would have been close to a miracle if we had conceived, it was only my first attempt. I didn’t really expect it but I think part of me really did. A lot of the signs that you’re pregnant are just normal for me coming up to my period so that’s annoying.

Anyway I’m going to go work out when I’m ovulating next, buy 100 ovulation tests and practise my upside down beanbag pose. Good luck to everyone out there trying, I hope you don’t need to buy tampons for ages.

(If anyone has any tips on food that goes nice with gin just message me)

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  1. megbehonest says:

    Anything salty like olives or antipasto go nice with gin. Best of luck on your baby attempts! I’ll be in the same boat soon enough.


    1. Good shout, love olives! Thank you very much, I hope when you try it’s as quick and painless as possible ☺


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