4 weeks pregnant

Today I am 4 weeks pregnant (you might have figured that out from the title) but it’s day 6 of knowing I’m pregnant. In the last week I think I’ve managed to have just about every pregnancy symptom possible! To be fair that was why I did the test 4 days earlier than my period was due to start, I was feeling so queasy all the time and I was really irritable. I’m saying “was” because thankfully for the last two days I’ve actually been feeling pretty good apart from being really tired.

The terrible thing is I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, even before I was trying I knew I would be trying at some point when me and my partner decided we were going to start a family. So I actually manage to get pregnant and suddenly I’m all full of doom and gloom. I can’t explain it. I just suddenly kept crying randomly and although I was really happy I was finding it hard to smile and every bad thought I could think was going through my head. As I say, the last two days have been much better.

My sister has three kids and I asked her how was she during pregnancy, her reply was “you’re going to go through hell” 🙂 thanks for that. She told me she kept crying all the time, had awful mood swings and if I’m anything like her and my mum I will puke constantly during the births. Can’t wait.

In all seriousness I can’t wait, I’m just glad it’s only for 9 months and I won’t be big during the middle of summer.

An app I’m using tells me that the baby is currently the size of an apple seed, the same app says it’s about 3mm, I don’t know what sort of apples they’re eating! Another thing on the internet said at 4 weeks it’s no bigger than a poppy seed. Forget these people, forgot them!

See? I just had a mood swing while writing this…

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  1. How exciting!! Congratulations 🙂 being pregnant during summer has been hell (feeling the heat extra much at the moment), you are lucky to will be going through the “tougher” months during the fall! x


    1. Thank you and I bet, it was bad enough feeling queasy with no bump in the heat, I don’t envy you 😊

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