5 weeks pregnant

Yesterday I was 5 weeks pregnant. When I googled this it told me my baby was now the size of a pepper corn…hang on a minute, last week you told me an apple pip! I can’t be bothered with the size anymore, just tell me what’s going on with him/her.

It’s heart is forming, it seems so strange to be that it’s 5mm big and has a tiny little heart forming, that’s mad. I know I read this all before when my partner was pregnant but it’s amazing how quickly I forget things when I don’t need to know it anymore.

I’ve had very little morning sickness, just felt a bit queasy here and there. I felt very ill very quickly in the pregnancy right up until the day my period was due, that day was particularly bad but since then I’ve had hardly anything.

I read an article online that claimed some studies have shown if you have bad morning sickness you’re more likely to have a girl. That along with the fact I saw 4 magpies the other day have convinced me I’m having a boy. Funnily enough a work colleague asked me whether I was superstitious not long ago and I said no…

My poor Edie isn’t very well, we think she has hand, foot and mouth. It made me very paranoid about whether or not it could be dangerous for the baby. After trying to avoid touching a sick 19 month old who wants to be picked up and cuddled and needs to be touched a lot as they’re trying to climb up or throw themselves off of dangerous things I realised that wasn’t going to work. How do mums avoid their sick child when they’re pregnant? I’m not sure it’s possible. I got googling again and it seems that it’s not too much of a problem so that’s good. At first we thought it might be chickenpox which I’m always hearing pregnant women need to avoid but again it seems if you’ve had it before (which I have) it’s not really a problem. That’s a bit of luck.

Poor girl though, when I got home from work yesterday she was asleep cuddled up to my partner, I haven’t seen this for a very long time. Today she puked all over me too. One minute she seems fine, the next she’s crying and puking 😦 apparently it doesn’t last too long. That information came from NHS 111, my partner told me there was a bit of a pause when she explained she was concerned if it was ok for her pregnant partner to possibly be around chickenpox, I think they got it in the end 🙂

I’ve made an appointment to see the midwife in a few weeks and ooh ooh oh we’re pretty sure we’ve decided on names! I’m not telling you though!

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