Remember when we’d hang around in McDonald’s car park drinking?…

…yeah course I do, it was only Sunday!

The beauty of having that moment when Edie’s gone to sleep. She’s not like most babies, she only has half hour naps at a time, 40 minutes if you’re lucky. When she wakes up she’s ready to go straight away. You can set your watch by her.

After we did the shopping on Sunday morning she fell asleep in the car. It only takes us 10 minutes to get home and then we would definitely accidently wake her up getting her out. I suddenly felt like it was Xmas!

Let’s get a coffee!!!

And we did.

It was delicious, well actually the coffee wasn’t that good but the situation was delicious. Moments like this remind me of smoking at school. You feel like you’re doing something you shouldn’t but that’s why you love it. It’s the thrill of not getting caught. You’re waiting to hear a murmur or a cry just like you listen out for footsteps from a teacher, and when they don’t come it’s brilliant! We’re actually both drinking a hot drink…together…while it’s still hot!

And that is two grown woman sitting in a car park feeling rebellious.

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