4th time isn’t a charm, turns out that’s not even a saying!

So the 4th try wasn’t successful and baby daddy wasn’t around to try the month after so 5th attempt was postponed. At this point I feel like I’m going to go through the menopause before I get pregnant, this made me a bit naughty.

I went to the doctor and explained the situation, only I possibly acted like I’d been trying longer than I had to speed the process up. Let me explain…When my partner was trying to conceive she went to the doctor to see if there are any fertility tests for women as it was taking a long time to happen. They gave her some blood tests, baby daddy had to give a sperm sample and all these tests came back that everything was fine. The next step then was to flush her out…that’s what I called it anyway. They basically filled her womb and Fallopian tubes with a dye, they then xrayed her to see if it all looked normal. This can sometimes flush out the fallopian tubes that were blocked, allowing the egg to reach the womb. You need to have been trying for a year to have this done.

My doctor asked me lots of questions about how we’re trying to conceive, when we were trying it, had the donor fathered a child before, do I drink, smoke, take crack and she agreed it did seem like we were doing all that we could and she would put me forward for the blood tests. The only thing she did mention was that my cycle is quite a short one. I was surprised at this as I was under the impression that 27 days was very average. She said the next time we tried, to try it 3-5 days earlier than the ovulation tests were telling me. Now, she’s medically trained and I’m not so I’m going to listen to the woman, however in my head I did think that surely the ovulation tests have one job and that’s to help women get pregnant so if the test is telling me these are the three best days to try then why would I do it earlier? Surely the tests take into consideration that the little spermies can live for however many days inside you?

I had my blood tests and they all came back normal which was good.

Two days after my blood test we decided to try again. My glow app was telling me my three best days to try were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Instead we tried on the Sunday and Monday before this. Baby daddy wasn’t able to do the third attempt as he had friends round from overseas. We would have tried again on the Tuesday if he’d been able to as I’m sure you’ve guessed I wasn’t 100% trusting my doctors advice even though I was taking it.

The weather has been really hot here and I’ve been really irritable at work. One of my colleagues asked me if I was close to starting my period as I was being snappy. Just as I was about to slap her for saying something so annoying I realised I was nowhere near my period but maybe I was being over emotional…

I’ve been feeling really queasy and had assumed it was the heat, that happens. Also the last few days I didn’t finish my lunch (this never usually happens) because I didn’t fancy it, the heat can do that too.

My boobs have been achey, this can happen to me as I’m getting closer to my period.

As I was putting Edie to bed last night I got overly emotional about nothing and started crying, I go bright red and so had to explain to my partner when I got downstairs why I was red.

We had a pregnancy test in our cupboard that can be used 4 days earlier than your period will start. My partner thought it would be a good idea for me to take it in the morning. I agreed. I was acting crazy.

This morning I got up with Edie but before I went in I peed on the test and left it on the side. Me and Edie went downstairs to give her her bottle. Later when my partner came downstairs she came up behind me to give me a cuddle and said that she was so sorry but it was negative, she then put the test infront of my eyes and it said “pregnant 1-2 weeks”…

I’m only pregnant aren’t I!!

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