Attempt #5 He shoots, he scores!!

I mentioned at the end of my last post that I’ve now managed to conceive but I didn’t say how we did it this time.

We only had two attempts this try instead of the usual three (obviously didn’t matter), the difference with these attempts were they were made a fair bit earlier than we were trying before. I have been tracking my period using the glow app which I think is pretty good at guessing when not only my period is but when I’m ovulating. I’ve been using ovulation tests as well which usually have agreed with the glow app and tells you the best days to try to conceive.

In my last post I mentioned my doctor said there was a good chance I was trying too late and I was all like, yeah whatever, you know better than two things that are designed purely for pregnancy do you? Whatever man! That’s not actually how it happened at all, I just thought it, I didn’t say it. I am one of those weirdos who does assume a trained professional knows what they’re talking about so I did take her advice, even though I had my doubts, and thank the lord I did.

During my wife’s pregnancy we watched lots of youtube videos of people giving advice on how to get pregnant (even though they hadn’t managed to conceive yet) and lots of blog posts with advice on how to get pregnant (even though they hadn’t managed to conceive yet) and we tried most of them. It might have been a coincidence, there’s no way to prove it, but I’m pretty sure trying 3-5 days earlier than glow said did the job. Glow advised my top three days were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so we tried on the Sunday and Monday before this.

The Sunday just happened to be a day England were playing in the world cup so I got myself upside down, managed a quick *whistle* and watched the first half. I stayed upside down for about 50 minutes this time as I was getting all hot and bothered (I wasn’t in a great mood) and couldn’t be arsed to do the full hour. I told my partner if I managed to get pregnant and we had a boy we should call him Kane (England won 6-1) but she was not up for that at all, she said if it was going to be a football related name it would have to be Eric (Cantona). This was Edie’s 1 and a half birthday (explaining the cake in the picture my mum bought her)

The Monday was a flying visit from baby daddy and his partner as they had things to do, they usually stay for a cup of tea. This happened during Edie’s bath and bedtime so I ran into the bathroom just for them to say hi to the person who was possibly in the pot and went about my business. This is probably weird but we’ve got so used to pots of smelly man juice that we don’t think anything of it anymore and it’s just a potential person. On this attempt I mixed it with a tiny bit of saline solution. Baby daddy provided this as he uses it at his work, I’m not sure how your average person goes about getting it…google? It just basically dilutes the spoof giving it more chance of making it through the cervix, I used equal amount spoof and saline solution. I didn’t *whistle* this time, I just got my bum in the air and watched an episode of the new arrested development, I always forget how funny this programme is. As I was watching it I realised I don’t really know what angle my cervix is and all that stuff so I slowly moved my hips around loads into all different angles, hopefully giving it the best chance of getting in. Did this make the difference? Who knows?

Anyway, although there’s no proof of what’s right or wrong or what makes things work, my advice if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully for a while is to try a bit earlier, if you’re using a syringe pull off the end and pour in rather than suck it up (apparently sucking it up can damage the spermys, once we pulled the end off instead my partner got pregnant) and try a little saline solution if possible.

Good luck!

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